Dub Campaign – Life is for Dub Music (Dub Architect Mix)

Featuring producers from Japan, Spain, Canada, and around the USA, Dub Campaign is back with their B-side dub remix album “Lion in Dub.” This album is a follow up to their debut release “Lion in Disguise” which was released 1/29/2013. “Lion in Dub” features 11 tracks each from a different producer with a different style ranging from deep dub reggae to electronic infused cumbia.  This was my first remix of this type – piano and acoustic guitar in a laid back vibe.  I really like how this one turned out! Great song with great lyrics from Chris Larsen.


Available here: http://dubcampaign.bandcamp.com/album/lion-in-dub

Dub Campaign:

released April 23, 2013

Producers featured:

E.N Young – Tribal Seeds, Roots Musician Records – San Diego, California
Righteous Dub – Dub Campaign – Greater Washington DC area
Dubstructor – Ontario, Canada
3000 Worlds – Riverside Rockers – Tokyo, Japan
Dub Architect – Dub Campaign – Charlottesville, Virginia
Alific – Greater Washington DC area
Justin Matthew – I*Ternals, MACHET Reggae Band – Greater Washington DC area
Rob Paine – Solomonic Sound System – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Boom One Sound System – Boom One Records – Mountain City, Tennessee
Piper Street Sound – Piper Street Studios – Atlanta, Georgia

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