How to Start a Movement (Part 2)

A while back I got a message from an artist who had read my article “How to Start a Movement” and had a question for me.  In the article I used a video of a guy starting a dance party at a concert as a metaphor for artist development and growth.  Josh had read the article and liked it but wanted to know the answer to the following question: “What about the 99% of the time when some bro starts dancing and no one joins him?”  And thus – Part II of this article was born!

When you start dancing (read: playing music) and no one else joins in (or not as many as you’d like) it’s time to reevaluate both your content and your strategy. Evaluating your content starts with taking a hard look at your dance.   Is it ACTUALLY good?  Sure everyone has their own opinion of what good music is but irie vibes WILL resonate with at least SOME others.   If your dance passes the stink test but you still aren’t converting as many dance observers to dancers (read: target audience to fans) as you’d like then it’s time to look at both the presentation and the reach.

If you’re dancing like a pro but smell you’re probably going to deter people from becoming truly engaged. So in music terms… What is the quality of your presentation? Do you present your material like the pro you want to be? Do you practice the marketing/promo techniques the pros use?

Lastly.. your music, like your dancing isn’t going to be for everyone.   My good friend Righteous Dub had this to say – that when you’re passionate about what you’re doing, your dance is quality, and the way you present it is of high caliber – still be prepared to be in it for the long haul and have faith in yourself.  Dedication and perseverance are noble qualities that will attract others in the long run so be confident in yourself! No one is ever going to convert 100% of those whose see them dance.. not 50%.. Often 10% would be amazing!  That’s just life in 2013.  We’re constantly bombarded with ads and brand building everyday and everywhere we look or listen.  A lot of it has just become static to most people.  You need to both figure out what gives your dance the best chance of converting people as well as how to get your dance seen by as many people as possible.  Because we’re going to have a low conversion percentage we need to have a LOT of people see us to start a movement.  Sure irie vibes will resonate but people are the ones who resonate them!  Think of it this way – just putting your vibes out there no matter how irie they are means that they are on their own amongst an almost infinite sea to grow.  You have the power to amplify those vibes millions and millions of times as large by marketing and promoting yourself efficiently and effectively!  Just start randomly dancing and even if its amazing.. the best ever.. If you’re behind a tree no one will ever see you! How do you make sure people see you? That’s where digital strategy management comes in!

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