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Sensamotion – Over Dub Mountain (Live Dub Architect Mix)

New mix out today! Grab your copy of SensaMotion‘s new album Over The Mountain out today that features this mix!

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Roots of Creation ft Pato Banton – “A Time Will Come (Live Dub Architect Mix)” Premiere from

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Hybrid Analog / Digital Dub Lab Overview & Live Dub Mix of Bob Marley’s “Bend Down Low”

Dub Architect – Effect Loops Tutorial

In this tutorial I explain how to setup an effects loop to add effects like reverb and delay to instrument and vocal tracks. Ableton Live 9 is used but the same process can be applied to any DAW and the same theories apply to setting up effects loops using analog gear.

Dub Architect – Simmer Down WUTK 90.3FM (Knoxville, TN) Interview – 12/14/2014

Dub Architect talks with DJ Crowley about the DC dub reggae scene, how the Dub Architect project started, the upcoming California Winter Tour 2015, and what the future holds for dub!

Victor Rice – Live Dub Mix of Easy Star All-Stars’ Dub Side of the Moon at Dub Champions Festival DC 2014

Slightly Stoopid – Top of the World (Live Dub Architect Mix)