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Sensamotion – Over Dub Mountain (Live Dub Architect Mix)

New mix out today! Grab your copy of SensaMotion‘s new album Over The Mountain out today that features this mix!

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Slightly Stoopid – Top of the World (Live Dub Architect Mix)

Dubblestandart ft Marcia Griffiths – Holding You Close (Live Dub Architect Mix) – The Hollywood Sessions

The second installment from The Hollywood Sessions –  a live dub mix of Vienna, Austria’s Dubblestandart ft Marcia Griffiths “Holding You Close”

New Live Dub Mixes Posted!

Live dub mixes of Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad’s “Love You More” and Piper Street Sound ft. Solution’s “How Long” performed by Dub Architect. Download them FREE as part of DUB Volume 1 here:

The Archives ft. Desi Hyson of The Original Wailers – Crime (Dub Architect Mix)

Dub reggae remix of The Archive’s “Crime” ft. 2012 Grammy Award Nominee Desi Hyson of The Original Wailers.

FREE download here:

The Archives:

Dub Architect – Dub Volume 2 – Out Now!



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Official Tracklist:
Dubmatix ft. Luciano – Seeds of Love & Life (Dub Architect Mix)
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – Future (Dub Architect Mix)
Fear Nuttin Band ft. Jacob and Byrd of SOJA – Rebel (Dub Architect Mix)
Tatanka ft. Sensamotion – Turn to Fate (Dub Architect Mix)
Kings & Comrades – Dig Deeper (Dub Architect Mix)
Hi Roots – Gone (Dub Architect Mix)
Through the Roots – Zombies (Dub Architect Mix)
Destroy DC – Dub it Down (Dub Architect Mix)
The Riverside Rockers – Burdock Root (Dub Architect Mix)
Alific – Tribal Root Seed Dub Drop (Dub Architect Mix)
TALAWA – Rasta Woman (Dub Architect Mix)
Bumpin Uglies – White Boy Reggae (Dub Architect Mix)

Al Scholl – Cover Art
Lion and Fox Recording Studios – Mastering

Alific – Tribal Root Seed Dub Drop (Dub Architect Mix)

The Dub Architect meets Alific on this dubby reggae remix of “Tribal Root Seed Dub Drop”


TALAWA – Rasta Woman (Dub Architect Mix)

The Dub Architect and TALAWA meet again on this dub reggae remix of “Rasta Woman.”  I first met TALAWA in 2009 in Costa Rica performing at Rainforest Aid 2009 and have kept in touch over the years.  Great group of musicians, positive revolutionaries, and irie people!


Through the Roots – Zombies (Dub Architect Mix)

The Dub Architect takes on Through the Roots’ hit track “Zombies” in this dubby reggae remix.

Through the Roots:

Kings & Comrades – Dig Deeper (Dub Architect Mix)

The Dub Architect takes on Kings & Comrades’ “Dig Deeper” in this dubby bass heavy remix.


Kings & Comrades:

Destroy DC – Dub it Down (Dub Architect Mix)

The Dub Architect and Destroy DC join forces across the Atlantic on this dubby reggae remix of “Tear it Down.”


Check out the music video to the original track here:

Destroy DC:

Dub Campaign – Life is for Dub Music (Dub Architect Mix)

Featuring producers from Japan, Spain, Canada, and around the USA, Dub Campaign is back with their B-side dub remix album “Lion in Dub.” This album is a follow up to their debut release “Lion in Disguise” which was released 1/29/2013. “Lion in Dub” features 11 tracks each from a different producer with a different style ranging from deep dub reggae to electronic infused cumbia.  This was my first remix of this type – piano and acoustic guitar in a laid back vibe.  I really like how this one turned out! Great song with great lyrics from Chris Larsen.


Available here:

Dub Campaign:

released April 23, 2013

Producers featured:

E.N Young – Tribal Seeds, Roots Musician Records – San Diego, California
Righteous Dub – Dub Campaign – Greater Washington DC area
Dubstructor – Ontario, Canada
3000 Worlds – Riverside Rockers – Tokyo, Japan
Dub Architect – Dub Campaign – Charlottesville, Virginia
Alific – Greater Washington DC area
Justin Matthew – I*Ternals, MACHET Reggae Band – Greater Washington DC area
Rob Paine – Solomonic Sound System – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Boom One Sound System – Boom One Records – Mountain City, Tennessee
Piper Street Sound – Piper Street Studios – Atlanta, Georgia

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – Future (Dub Architect Mix)

The Dub Architect’s mix of “Future” by Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad.

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad:

Nappy Riddem – DTA (Dub Architect Mix)

The Dub Architect takes on Nappy Riddem’s “Dreadlock Transit Authority” in a classic DUB REGGAE stylee!

Download the high-def version of Angle It and the Angle It/DTA remix album at Beatport here:

Nappy Riddem:

Fort Knox Recordings:

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – Love You More (Dub Architect Mix)

The Dub Architect is back again, dubbing PANDA!’s “Love You More” off their latest release, “In These Times.”


Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad:

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – Change You (Dub Architect Mix)

The Dub Architect remixes PANDA!’s “Change You” off their latest release, “In These Times.” This is a live, “one-shot” dub with some minor touch ups after the run. Hope you all enjoy it!


Watch the video of this LIVE DUB at:

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad:

Empresarios ft. Zeebo from Thievery Corporation / See-I – Space Selector (Dub Architect Mix)

Zeebo from Thievery Corporation and See-I partners up with Fort Knox Recordings label mates Empresarios to bring you this remixed version of Space Selector.




Thievery Corporation:

Fort Knox Recordings:

Rebelution – Good Vibez (Dub Architect Mix)

The Dub Architect’s remix of “Good Vibes” off Rebelution’s 2012 release, “Peace of Mind.”



DubConcious – Ecclesiastes (Dub Architect Mix)

Off DubConcious’ 2012 release “These Dubs” – produced by Piper Street Sound.



Piper Street Sound:

1320 Records:

See-I – Blow Up (Dub Architect Mix)

BIG UPS to SEE-I & the whole Fort Knox Records crew!! This was a privilege to DUB!



Fort Knox Recordings:

Piper Street Sound ft. Solution – How Long (Dub Architect Mix)

Dub Architect mix of the Piper Street Sound production “How Long.”  This goes down as my very first dub release and continues to be one of my favorite pieces to return to.  Matt Mansfield (Piper Street Sound) is a phenomenal musician, producer, and engineer and even a better person!


Check out the original EP at:

Piper Street Sound: